Organic Gourmet Fruit Spreads

Organic Gourmet Fruit Spreads - Organic Mountain Farms
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Delicious! Healthy! Fresh! Look at the 'Nutritional Facts." It is organic from start to finish with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.  

Our organic fruit spread is the best you have ever tasted guaranteed.


Available in 6 flavors.  

Apricot -  Sweet and delicious, this fruit spread boasts the color of a brilliant autumn and the taste of a warm summer day.

Blackberry -  Made from plump, deep-colored beauties, our Blackberry Spread works as beautifully in pastries and desserts as it does at the breakfast table.

Blueberry -  Piled on pancakes or baked in tarts, this spread is sure to leave them smiling.

Concord Grape  -  Featuring sweet organic Concords. Take your peanut-butter and jelly sandwich to a whole new level!

Raspberry -  Sweeten up your breakfast table with the fresh, sweet and sun-kissed flavor of organic raspberries.

Strawberry -  Pure, wholesome and delicious, you'll want to make our organic strawberry spread a pantry staple.