Organic Imported Green Tea

Organic Imported Green Tea - Organic Mountain Farms
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This Green tea is the best you can buy. Guaranteed!  Delicious and Healthy.  Drink to your health! Enjoy! 



  • Not only is this all natural imported Green Tea delicious but did you know that green tea actually causes carbohydrates to be released very slowly into your bloodstream, preventing excessive, increases in the levels of blood insulin and favoring the consumption of fats?
  • These green leaves are not fermented and contain more amounts of catechins, vitamins (B2, C, D, E and K) and beta carotene than other teas, as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium and fluoride (the latter reinforces tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay).
  • This green tea contains high levels of a substance called "Polyphenols," which have antioxidant properties and even an anticancer antibiotic.
  • This green tea can also help prevent heart disease and liver, it helps slow the progression of aging and slows the progression of some degenerative diseases.


Enjoy good health!


Drink to Your Health!Drink to Your Health!Drink to Your Health!