Real Cure for Cancer With No Side Effects

Bitter Melon Found Highly Toxic to Breast Cancer Cells: An extract of bitter melon was found to kill up to 96% of human breast cancer cells in vitro, in this new lab study. The extract worked by targeting & disrupting key cellular organs (endoplasmic reticula) of the breast cancer cells. Bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd, or Momordica Charantia) is well known as an anti-cancer and anti-diabetes super vegetable. It was recently found to possess the unique ability to wipe out cancer stem cells (which are otherwise very hard to kill) and has also been seen in lab studies to potently kill cancers of the prostate, colon, pancreas, liver, and stomach as well as leukemia. It’s so powerful that bitter melon juice was shown to reduce pancreatic tumors in mice by 64% at a dose equivalent to just six grams of powdered juice for a 75kg human adult. Bitter melon has also been shown in double-blind clinical trials to improve fasting blood sugar and post-meal blood sugar in adults with diabetes, and it lowered cholesterol levels in studies on mice. It’s even been shown to lower oxidative stress levels in brain tissue! Bitter melon is widely available as supplement or juice. It’s grown and eaten widely in China and Southeast Asia, and if you can find it fresh in an Asian food stores it goes great in a vegetable stir fry, in stew, or baked.
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