Top 10 reasons to eat organic foods.

1. The main reason you should buy organic fruits and vegetables is that regular produce is covered in pesticides. Pesticides are designed to KILL an organic life form.  This is so fundamental that it is almost absurd to point this out.  Do you really want to eat something that kills anything?

2. Well we don’t like to talk about poop, but we have got to address it.  Plants that grow our food, do so in the ground.  They do it much better if we put fertilizer on them.  Organic fertilizer is just plain animal droppings mixed with soil along with decomposed fruit and vegetable matter.  The non-organic produce in grown in artificial chemical fertilizer.  The harmful effects of which are not known. 

3. Organic fruits and vegetables have more nutrients—vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, and anti-oxidants than commercially grown produce. Organic farming starts and ends with nourishing the soil by returning it to natural processes rather than just dumping some chemical on it and hoping for the best.  Organically grown foods provide: about 20% more iron; 25% more vitamin C;  about 30% more magnesium; and 15% more phosphorus.

4. Organic Food taste better. This is hard to quantify because it is a matter of taste.  When I bite into an apple, pear, or carrot I want to get the immediate taste and sweet aroma of nature.  The difference is monumental.  Here is an experiment you may want to try.  Set an organic apple next to a non-organic apple of the same variety.  Take a bite of the non-organic first.  Chew it and swallow.  Now drink some water clearing your mouth.  Now take a bite of the organic apple.  The difference will knock your socks off.

5. This is how to avoid GMO produce. Genetically engineered (GE) food and genetically modified organisms (GMO) are not grown by organic farmers.

6. Support and Preserve the ecosystems of the planet. Organic farming is Earth friendly as it operates in harmony with nature.  From Crop rotation to soil preservation organic farming is healthy farming.  It is in harmony with, insects, frogs, birds, and soil organisms.  Together with nature the organic farmer is a part of nature’s symphony. 

7. Reduces pollution as it protects the soil and our water supplies. Every time a conventional farmer sprays chemicals on his or her field, the majority of those poisons end up damaging the soil as it invades our water supply.  As much as 99% of these chemicals end up in our drinking water.

8. Preserve Bio-diversity. As much as 75% of varieties have been lost over the last century due to chemical based farming.  The reason for this is that some varieties do not do well with the chemicals used.  So, farmers have stopped using those varieties

9. Purchasing organic food supports the future.  Organic produce cost more money to produce, so it cost more money to buy.  If we keep buying it now and supporting organic farmers, eventually the prices will go down as more and more farmers choose this method.  It is an investment in our future.

10. Put your health and the health of your family first above all else. When you support organic farming you are supporting the future health of not only your children, but your children’s children.  Make the decision today to enhance the health of your future generations.