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  • Seven Reasons to Choose Organic Coffee

    1. NO CHEMICALS Conventional coffee beans are bathed in chemicals before they fill up your cup? You’re getting a dose of chlorine and ammonia with your morning coffee!

    2. NO PESTICIDES Then there are the pesticides and herbicides. If you are drinking conventional coffee right now, take a big gulp.

    3. HELPING OTHERS As demand for organic coffee grows, less farmers will be exposed to these terrible chemicals.

    4. SAFER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Less chemicals used anyplace on the planet is a good thing.

    5. IT TASTES BETTER Organic coffee tastes way better than conventional coffee.

    6. Health food? Organic coffee is also higher in antioxidants than conventional coffee

    7. DOES NOT COST THAT MUCH MORE THAN CONVENTIONAL While organic coffee is more expensive, it is not that much more. With all the benefits of going organic, it is worth it.

    Go Organic! Eating healthy never tasted so good.

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