Is there really a difference Organic over non-Organic fruits and vegetables?

Organic produce has more of the antioxidant compounds for your better health, and less toxic metals and pesticides.  Eating organic fruit and vegetables provides 20 to 70% more antioxidant compounds than conventionally grown produce, according to Prof Carlo Leifert at Newcastle University.  This study says, "Statistically significant, meaningful" differences, with a range of antioxidants being "substantially higher."  This is the first study to get to the heart of the matter.  Organic produce not only is safer because of the lack of chemicals, but it is better for you from a nutritional stand point.

The number one complaint of consumers is the expense.  According to this research 1 organic fruit or vegetable has the same nutritional value as up to 5 conventional pieces of produce.

1:5 ratio.  So, if the organic produce cost 3 times as much, you are still ahead from a nutrition perspective.

The quote from the study is, "one to two of the five portions of fruits and vegetables recommended to be consumed daily and would therefore be significant and meaningful in terms of human nutrition, if information linking these [compounds] to the health benefits associated with increased fruit, vegetable and whole grain consumption is confirmed."